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A luggage & delivery service for all types of travel.


  1. 1. Q) Who will pick up my case?
  2. 2. A) We use international carriers including TNT and DHL
  1. 1. Q) What is my weight allowance and why does it differ from my paperwork
  2. 2. A) Luggage should NOT exceed 20kgs per item (unless on special agreed tours). We have to key certain data into the system to create your booking any variances are between our contract department and DHL/TNT and do not relate to your suitcase/s they are for data entry purposes so please do not worry and there is no need to call The Baggageman.
  1. 1. Q) Do I leave my case unlocked?
  2. 2. A) Cases must remain unlocked – You can put a luggage strap around your case/s. We have enclosed clear cable ties to go through the zips of your case, then if customs or security do need to look inside they will just snip the tie and not damage the case.
  1. 1. Q) Do I attach my tour company’s labels?
  2. 2. A) Yes any label which helps identify your bag is recommended. Remove all old labels. We have also enclosed a personal baggage identifying label to put inside your case at the very top of your clothes for identification as a precaution should a label on the outside become detached.
  1. 1. Q) Do you recommend any type of suitcases?
  2. 2. A) All makes of sturdy suitcases are acceptable; we do not suggest expensive designer cases as elements of wear and tear are inevitable.
  1. 1. Q) Can I pack my portable kettle and travel iron?
  2. 2. A) Yes.
  1. 1. Q) What is the invoice with the Switzerland labels?
  2. 2. A) Please ignore this invoice, this is for customs purposes and is not an invoice for payment at any time and you must hand it over to the driver, so your suitcase can be move through UK and Swiss customs smoothly.
  1. 1. Q) On my return journey where do I leave my Consignment Note or Archive Doc?
  2. 2. A) For Hotels and River Cruise Ships you leave your return consignment note or Archive Doc with the hotel reception or concierge along with your suitcase all labelled on the morning you depart. For Ocean cruises you will receive individual instructions on your briefing sheet.

Good advice when travelling with two cases always back a bit of his and hers in each case.


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